29-09-2009 - 31-12-2009
German journalists, invited by Ibiza's Foundation for Tourism, also visited several agrotourism establishments and collected information on the island's culture and traditions.

Journalists from several German media travelled to Ibiza showed their interest in our cuisine by taking part in a cooking class. They learned to make such delectable dishes as bullit de peix and flaˇ. Another team from the prestigious magazine CondÚ Nast Traveller also showed an interest in the island's tourist attractions and culture. They will publish a long report on Ibiza next year. The journalists were invited by Ibiza's Foundation for Tourism, as part of a promotional campaign in the international media that targets families and professionals from all over Europe who choose destinations with attractive cultural possibilities and new experiences related to the local cuisine, accommodation, nature and sports.

The German journalists who have travelled to Ibiza have visited several agrotourism establishments and showed an interest in the local cuisine and the local produce. They also took part in a cooking class where they learned to make coca de pebreres, bullit de peix and fla˛.
They also tasted virgin olive oil and Ibizan wine. Other activities included yoga and a route through Ses Salines, a nature reserve of great ecological value.

The German journalists who visited Ibiza last weekend work for the following media:
-Der Feinschmecker: A magazine that targets gourmet readers and publishes an annual guide on the best hotels and restaurants. It is a monthly magazine with a circulation of 87,106 copies. It also has a digital version with identical content.
-Essen & Trinken: Another monthly magazine with a circulation of 185,545 copies and a digital version that publishes recipes. It features renowned German cooks who describe their favourite dishes, how to make them, and the best wines to go with each dish.
-Freizeitwoche: This publication is part of an editorial group with several magazines specializing in general information, sports, women's interest and other topics. Freizeit Woche has a circulation of 505,476 copies.

For the Spanish edition of the CondÚ Nast Traveller magazine, the Foundation reached an agreement to publish a 10 page report with extensive information on the options for a holiday in Ibiza. The report will also highlight the island's image as a place that sets the trend for international fashion.

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