The Municipality of Sant Joan, located on the North, is the least populated in the island, with about 4500 inhabitants. This area’s main features are vast unspoilt woodlands and remarkable rural extensions, where livelihood largely depends on farming. Nature can be found at its finest in Sant Joan’s coastline, cliffs and woodlands, which are often crossed by torrents and stone terraces.

The Municipality is composed of four parishes: Sant Joan, Sant Miquel, Sant Vicent and Sant Llorenç. All of them are small villages where locals live with people from all over the world who have chosen rural Ibiza as their place of residence.

The Municipality shares with Sant Antoni an “Area of Particular Interest”: Es Amunts, an area of high environmental value with a unique fauna and flora. At the same time, Sant Joan offers amazing routes to be walked. They lead to Balanzat’s defensive tower, d’en Marçà’s caves or the archaeological site in Es Culleram’s cave, which houses the most important piece of the islands’ Phoenician past: the goddess Tanit.

The coast line is full of cliffs, only altered by some lovely coves, such as Es Caló des Multons, Cala Xarraca, Es Caló d’en Serra, Cala de Sant Vicent, and Benirràs, which became very popular because of its hippie atmosphere and percussionists,

The Municipality also offers some tourist areas, such as Port de Sant Miquel and Portinatx.

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