The agreement signed in 1234 by Guillermo de Montgrí, Peter of Portugal and Nuno Sanç, future conquerors of the islands, established as one of the first obligations to create a parish dedicated to Saint Mary, in the city of Ibiza. This parish became a reality once the conquest was taken on, on 8th August 1235. At first it was set up in an already existing building, maybe a Muslim mosque readapted to Christian cult, though this fact has never been proved despite the many archaeological investigations that have been carried out. Available data show that on the east side was added, to a pre-existing building, the whole unit made up of the bell tower of trapezoidal ground plan and the polygonal apse with its five chapels. It is a very solid building, of classic gothic style, built on XVI century. Moreover, from the steeple the important set of bells of XVI and XVII century on the third floor is to be pointed out; they have been recently restored by the Heritage Conselleria. It is considered by the experts as one of the most relevant of its kind. We know that in 1435, the church had five chapels dedicated to Saint James and Saint Michael, to Saint Tecla and Saint Anthony, to Saint John Baptist and Saint John Evangelist and to Saint Peter and Saint Paul. A new nave was built at the end of XV century, finished off with the Fonda chapel made by the Francolins in 1538. In XVIII century, taking into account the bad condition of the temple ? particularly that of its roofs - a big refurbishment was carried out in the building. The works were directed by Jaume Espinosa and Pere Ferro ?obrers de la vila? [labourers of the city] and they took place between 1715 and 1728. In 1782, the Pope Pius VI founded the episcopal seat of Ibiza and the medieval church, renovated, became the Cathedral, which would have to perpetually remain suffragan of Tarragona, as it has previously happened when it was a parish, because of the binding of the old conquerors. The cathedral keeps many works of art, among which the following are to be pointed out: a gothic monstrance of golden silver, made by Francesc Martí in 1399, two gothic panels of Saint Tecla and Saint Anthony, painted by Francesc Cornes in XIV century and another two, of XV century in this case, from the master Valentí Montoliu, that represent Saint James and Saint Matthew.

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