At the beginning of XIV century, the quartó of Portmany had already an important population and this entailed the need to create its own vicarage which would have to depend from the parish of Saint Mary of Eivissa. In 1305, the requests of Portmany inhabitants were met by the archbishop of Tarragona, who granted his consent to build a temple ? in fact, a chapel ? together with a cemetery. The inhabitants themselves dedicated the new church to Saint Anthony. This name, thus, can already be found since XIV century, and it was soon used too to name the quartó, that was called since then Sant Antoni de Portmany. The place chosen to build the original chapel was the port, where the church still rises presently. In fact, the temple was the object of different and important enlargements so that XIV century structures ? either because they have been incorporated or destroyed, this is not really known ? are presently very difficult to distinguish. It is know, through written documents, that in 1644 important refurbishment and repairs were carried out there, though there is no trace of which those were exactly. In any case, the Majorcan Miquel Ballester figures there as main master. Afterwards, between 1674 and 1691, we are told about the precarious state of the building, with its flooring affected by holes and the vault opened to the rain leaks. In this period too, the vicar?s house was built on the nave, for security reasons and in the same way as it was done in Sant Miquel de Balansat church. Said vicar?s house does not any longer exist nowadays because it was destroyed at the end of XIX, so that Archduke Louis Salvador could still represent it in one of his litographies of this church, in1867. In 1785, it became a parish, under the name of Saint Anthony Abad. In addition to the temple, some other works of art are to be pointed out, such as a carving of Saint Anthony of XVII century, paintings as Saints Doctors Cosmus and Damian or Saint Francis Xavier or Saint Roc altarpiece of 1719. The holy water stoup located at the right of the main entrance is to be pointed out as well. The temple shows an air of fortress, from which the square planted town with loopholes and the courtyard of white walls are to be pointed.

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Sant Antoni de Portmany
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Sant Antoni de Portmany
Sant Antoni de Portmany
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