Hedonistic tourism would be an unthinkable concept without the pleasurable sensation of Ibiza's food and drink on the taste buds. Many restaurants have an element of added value that makes them much more attractive than those in any other tourist resort: their location. There are very few places in the world so full of wonderful restaurants, where you can eat with your bare feet resting on the sand, sitting in the shade of a Renaissance wall or in a romantic hideaway farmhouse set in the middle of the countryside.

And what makes it even better is that the people of Ibiza are huge fans of fresh, natural products. In the past it was impossible to find a country house that was not supplied with food from its own vegetable plot, its own fruit trees and its own livestock. In fact, there are still many homes where this tradition is kept alive, as the people of Ibiza are tremendously fond of their food.

The sea provides a fabulous variety of fish and shellfish, which can be eaten freshly caught and with few additional ingredients. The island's forests also contain unexpected surprises, such as delicious wild fungi (rovellons) growing under the pine trees or juicy green asparagus that pop up anarchically at the edges of forest trails.

This varied and exquisite food supply, which ebbs and flows with the cycle of the seasons and the moon, has given rise to a culinary wisdom handed down from generation to generation, arriving garnished with the various cultures that settled on the island throughout its long history. Ibiza recipe books are packed with dishes featuring rice, fowl and lamb, oven baked fish, pastries, etc.

This gastronomic tradition is undoubtedly an enormously valuable inheritance that the Government of Ibiza is keen to safeguard at any cost, promoting it to people who visit the island and supporting the production of organic and artisan food to ensure that markets, restaurants and hotels continue to receive a supply of fantastic quality raw materials.

More and more families are opting to build a business out of what used to be a hobby or a fondness for the traditional lifestyle. These days, many of Ibiza's gourmet products are made using methods that combine tradition with modern manufacturing processes. Extra virgin olive oils, white and red wines, herb liquor, cheeses, sausages, jams, honey, etc. In short, products that embody wisdom, tradition and a profound respect for nature.